Pacific Palms Wedding Photographer – Maddie & Scotty

Maddie & Scotty contacted me last August about the possibility of shooting their wedding and of course I was thrilled to be asked. This cool couple lived in New York but were originally from Sydney and planning a celebration at the beautiful Pacific Palms with those closest to them. We did some phone planning but my first actual meeting with them was on their wedding day. Immediately I was taken with how kind and welcoming they both are. That and Scotty and the boys were in matching Budgy Smugglers which of course is a first for me (I believe Scotty’s first line was ‘is my tie long enough?’).

The day continued in that fun, exuberant tone and always I felt so welcome and included. They had hired three neighbouring properties overlooking the ocean and though rain clouds lingered (and even spat occasionally) our beautiful Bride and Groom prepared whilst watching a gang of dolphins out for their afternoon surf. As you do. There was laughter and singing, there were several bouts of spontaneous dance. It was complete joy the entire time. Occasionally I would throw out a random concept and they’d just do it. Fred Astaire? Heel Kicking? No problem. Pose seriously like it’s a magazine spread? For sure. Do it all the time. Stand in a tiny amount of window light and look like a goddess? Yup. No worries. Sipping cocktails like little kids? Sure, how about we sip them as though they’re strawberry milkshakes we are tasting for the very first time. Walk toward you whilst singing a song? Sure and after that we’ll form a circle and let the bride and groom dance in the middle. To say you all made my day easy is an understatement.

Probably enough words already but I just want to reiterate how blessed I feel to have been part of this event. Thank you to that magnificent bridal party for being so fun and cool to be around all day long. Thank you to Maddie & Scotty’s families for running out to that grassy area for some family photos when the rain cleared just in case it poured again. Thanks of course to Maddie for being the epitome of elegance and calm all day long, and thanks to Scotty for hugging everyone with his eyes closed like he really means it every single time – I know you do.

Jen x

Reception Venue: Pacific Palms Surf Club
Celebrant: Lorraine Wafer

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