Treasures and Trophies – Year in Photos

This has been an incredible year for me, this year of 2017.  My work has taken me into beautiful homes and hearts around Australia. You’ve danced and sung for me, you’ve laughed and cried. You called me to tell me of growing bellies, you called to share your broken hearts. You called to tell me your Pop had passed, and we cried a little together. I’m so blessed that you call me at all, I’m so grateful for the hugs and the smiles when we bump into each other. I couldn’t be more grateful for the votes you gave me and I couldn’t have been more surprised than when I won that amazing award.

Thank you for the treasures; thank you for the trophies.

Thank you so much for letting me be part of your big days; thank you for sharing your small days as well. Your days make my days so very rich.

This journey that I get to be on where I meet so many beautiful, vulnerable, delicate souls is one I treasure. I’m proud of your strengths, I value your fragility. I’m so grateful for your love. Thank you for sharing your love, thank you for being in love. Love is real. For all of those doubters, I promise it is. It’s real and it’s here. For all you dreamers, you lovers who dare, I see you – I’m so lucky to see you; I’m in awe of your visibility.

So onto 2018. Let’s be brave, let’s be magic. Together we shall fly.

Thank you for the Treasures. Thank you for the Trophies. Jen xx



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