Mark & Kim’s Sky-High Wedding – Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer

My lovely friend Kate contacted me a few months ago to say she’d met a couple who were thinking of getting married on a hot air balloon.  A hot air balloon wedding! Being that I’m searching for adventure these days, I jumped at the chance to meet Kim and Mark. We met at their home and talked for a couple of hours before we even chatted about the wedding. They are wonderful, kind and generous people who go out of their way to make everyone around them feel comfortable. I’m overjoyed that I can share these pictures from their incredible wedding in the sky!

The day started early – 4:30am to be exact. We were picked up by a Balloon Safaris bus that happened to be towing our balloon behind it. Kim and Mark made their entrance looking the part and we drove off into the (night) in search of a suitable paddock to start our journey.

As our balloon was being filled with air, Kate performed a quick legal ceremony on the ground for Kim and Mark for the purpose of being able to identify the location of the wedding on their marriage certificate. There were so many firsts for us at this wedding! Next came the moment Kim had to climb into the basket (in her wedding dress) that was going to ferry us through the air – which she did with great style. Soon we were all loaded and ready to go.

Once we were in the sky, the real ceremony began. With the sun rising behind them, Kim and Mark exchanged vows, rings, and that magical kiss. The views were incredible and the magnitude of the experience overall is still setting in for me.  The journey was over before we knew it and soon we were on the ground, where I managed to trick Mark into a few poses with his new wife.

Tonight they’ve surprised their friends and family with the news of this spectacular wedding!

Mark and Kim, you are two beautiful, kind and generous people. I am so happy you’ve found each other! Thank you for allowing me to join you on this amazing adventure – I loved every moment!

Jen xx

Celebrant: Celebrate with Kate

Florist: Buttercups Florist

Balloon: Balloon Aloft / Balloon Safaris

Winery Backdrop: Peterson Wines

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