Emma’s Business Branding Photoshoot – Central Coast Photographer

Emma’s Beautiful Business:

Meet Emma! Emma is an author, artist and entrepreneur. Emma approached me recently about doing a Business Branding Photoshoot for her website and other digital accounts. Her book, Your Beautiful Business is an inspirational guide for any small business owner and I found the process of getting to know and photograph Emma absolutely delightful.

In any photoshoot there is a process and a flow which we enjoyed exploring. Her outfit selections brought out different moments and personalities which of course changed the tone of the photographs. We focused on her kind and lovely personality but also the clean, inspiring and bright tones and scenes that could capture interest for blog posts, instagram posts and so on. It was so much fun to explore this new style of photography, to learn about this business owner and discover her truth and her message. I certainly hope to do much more of it.

Thanks Emma!

Jen x

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